• Opening Project

    Opening Project


    Our gaming hall plan October 1, 2018 trial operation, rental apartment building in advance in 2018 April, is now facing the society for lease, we will be preferential prices, strong strength, complete and comprehensive service, look forward to your patronage!

  • Jumari and other leaders to examine Saiya Tianhu International Tourist Resort

    Jumari and other leaders to examine Saiya Tianhu International Tourist Resort


    In December 8, 2017, former Lao People's Democratic Republic President Jumari Sayasone Marathon - siphandone, Ministry of agriculture and forestry minister Jien Tijo, the governor of Vientiane province Weidong Sayasone accompanied by other leaders in the deputy prime minister, went to the lake international tourism resort investigation.

  • Lake acht club dew

    Lake acht club dew


    Like to Tianhu International Tourism Resort Vacation tourists will be pleasantly surprised to discover that Tianhu International Tourism Resort in recent years is " sample of one year to three years a big change." Last year was a new look at the scenic road. The 10-kilometer main road was replaced with imported asphalt. The biggest change this year was the completion of renovation works by Mr. Tianhu Yacht Club on the ever, which gave the tourists a pleasant this appearance.

  •   To mature litchi Lake

    To mature litchi Lake


    Mangosteen, durian, rambutan, carambola, this is Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries widely cultivated and proud of the tropical fruits, and even can be said that these countries name card. The litchi is the south of the Five Ridges area Chinese pride, although Thailand, Laos and other countries also planted many varieties of litchi fruit, some big and bright, but not a taste of Litchi in south of the Five Ridges so sweet and refreshing, thick nuclear is not that big, eating up more astringent.

  • 2017 Mademoiselle "miss Song Gan" Finals

    2017 Mademoiselle "miss Song Gan" Finals


    April close to the hot weather, imperceptibly to Laos and the new year, the long-awaited Songkran, also by the popular 2017 Vientiane "miss Song Gan" Contest Opening prologue cool summer. It is reported that the campaign hosted by the Laos jedppeng group was held at the Landmark Hotel in Laos on the 8 day, and as many as 200 Jia Li participated in the selection of the activities. The selection activities included: Vientiane city government, Lao news and culture and Tourism Department, cultural hall of Wanxiang city and women's Federation of Wanxiang City, and the elites of Laos from all walks of life. Guests at the scene of the event are reflected with the beauty of the selection activities.