Company  business

At present, "Yongyuan Real Estate Entertainment Company" project is divided into two phases, the first phase is about 130 rooms in the apartment building has been completed and has been fully booked; The second phase consists of five main buildings (with a total floor area of about 50000 square meters), each with a seven-story frame structure equipped with elevators. The fastest construction has completed the construction of the main body of 6th stories. It is expected that the building will be available in April 2018. The main building is a casino with hotel, food city KTV, spa, massage and other services. The follow-up will include: large open sports square, tennis court, basketball court, park, swimming pool and other facilities. In order to improve the property matching, Our company also built a building with a building area of about 8000 square meters of five-story building as a supporting kitchen rental, tenants can be sublet according to their own needs.

    Construction of fine works, the establishment of high-quality brands, the core business of the company including real estate development and gambling services. In recent years, to strengthen the core business advantages, on the basis of cities around the supporting service, actively expand the business, enter the business development and operations, resorts, centralized rent the apartment, rent the office building, hotel, entertainment, etc.

The second phase of the project has been completed. The first phase of the project is in the stage of preparatory construction. The owners of all sectors are welcome to discuss investment cooperation, including real estate investment and business investment.

We plan to open a trial operation on October 1, 2018, which will provide high-end boutique apartment buildings and office buildings for rent. First-class gambling facilities and environment, first-class office accommodation environment, first-class leisure and entertainment environment, await your arrival, please look forward to!